On My First Read of That Guy's Blind Bard

 Much have I gone to the realms of gold,
   And quite a few good states and king's halls seen;
   Round quite a few west sea isles have I been
 Which bards most dear to that Sun God do hold.
 Oft of that one wide sweep had I been told
   The tall-browed blind Bard ruled as his own realm;
   Yet I did not breathe in its pure, smooth calm
 Till I heard that guy speak out loud and bold:
 Then felt I like such one who scans the skies
   When a new found star swims in his ken;
 Or like that stout man when with sharp bird's eyes
   He stared at the Peace Sea--and all his men
 Looked each to each with wild wide eyes--
  Sans speech, on that peak in a strange new land.

                                -- John Keats