On a First Read ...

 Much have I gone round in the realms of gold
   And lots of good fine states and fair realms seen
   Round lots of cool west sea isles have I been
 Which bards in fee to God of Bards still hold.
 Oft of one great wide place had I been told
   Which Troy's blind bard held still so pure and green
   But not once did I breathe its air so clean
 Till I heard this text speak out loud and bold.
 Then felt I like those folk who scan the skies
   When some new world first sweeps in to their ken
 Or like that man of Spain whose keen sharp eyes
   First stared at seas of east, and all his men
 Looked strange to learn their maps were all but lies:
   New worlds of words more fair than any then.

                                -- John Keats
                                   (done by Jo Walt)