This verse was writ in words of one beat eight score (less a few) years since. The name -- and this is odd -- was not a good word, and I've made it good for here.


 The day is past, the sun is set,
   And the white stars are in the sky;
 While the long grass with dew is wet,
   And through the air the bats now fly.

 The lambs have now lain down to sleep,
   The birds have long sing sought their nests;
 The air is still; and dark, and deep
   On the hill side the old wood rests.

 Yet of the dark I have no fear,
   But feel as safe as when 'tis light;
 For I know God is with me there,
   And He will guard me through the night.

 For God is with me when I pray,
   And when I close mine eyes in sleep,
  I know that He will with me stay,
   And will all night watch by me keep.

 For he who rules the stars and sea,
   Who makes the grass and tree to grow,
 Will look on a poor child like me,
   When on my knees I to Him bow.

 He holds all things in His right hand,
   The righ, the poor, the great, the small;
 When we sleep, or sit, or stand,
  Is with us, for He loves us all.

                                -- Tom Who Mills