So long: too dear for me to keep are you,
 And you of course know all too well your fee.
 The deed that shows your worth has made you free;
 My bonds in you are past the time they're due.
 For how did I hold you but by your grant,
 And but for that, what should I get as yours?
 The cause in me of that fair gift is want,
 And so the deed to you goes back once more.
 Your self you gave, when your worth was not known,
 Else I, to whom you gave it, did then goof;
 So your great gift, which on that slip has grown,
 Comes home once more, when judged at its true worth.
   Thus have I had you as a dream does tease:
   In sleep a king, but when one wakes, that flees.

                                -- Will the Bard

If it sounds like Will in this one says the same thing more than once, just with more words -- well, that may be my fault. That's what it sounds like to me, but I may not have read Will right. "All I'm worth comes from the the fact that you gave your self to me; since that is yours, in truth I'm nought." As a girl once said -- Eh?