Let me not when true minds are to be wed
 say there's aught wrong in this: love is not love
 which can but change when it to change is led,
 or bends when one who moves makes it to move:
 Oh no! It is a point fixed firm in space,
 That looks on storms and yet has not been shook;
 the star that tells the ship which way to face,
 whose worth can not be known, though height be took.
 Love's not Time's fool, though red-hued lips and cheeks
 may yet be reached by strokes of his curved scythe;
 love is not changed with his brief hours and weeks,
 but bears it out 'til Christ shall take his tithe,
 If this be false, and that charge on me proved,
 I have not writ, nor no man yet has loved.

                                -- Will the Bard
                                   (done by cand)