"And if I did, what then?
 Are you made mad and sore?
 The sea has fish for all the men,
 And what would you have more?"

 Thus did my girl friend once
 So fox my mind with doubt,
 And popped it to me for the nonce
 To beat my brains a clout.

 And so I said with pride:
 "The men who fish can wish
 That all the seas at each great tide
 Were just his own to fish.

 "And so did I (in vain).
 But since it may not be,
 Let such fish there as find the gain
 And leave the loss for me.

 "And with such luck and loss
 I will made do my self
 Till tides of time that turns may toss
 Such fish men on the shelf.

 "And when they stick on sands
 So all the men may see,
 Then will I laugh and clap my hands --
 As they do now at me."

                                -- George G.