My Muse, now lay with joy thy self to rest:
 Sleep in the still place of one true to one love;
 Write you no more, but let these made up words move
 Some hearts out there; wake not to lack of rest.

 But if you work hard, those thoughts are said best
 To Truth, which shall its good through all time prove;
 Live the joy of true joy the most, and best
 The gain of all which shall not be moved.

 Leave all talk of her named Love, and her son,
 To those who start young, and in their brains breathe fire
 With tales of great love, and from that fire
 Get heat to write the great wealth they have won,

 And thus leave off; what's past shows you can love --
 Now let your will to be true your true worth prove.

                                -- Dame Wroth
                                   from 'Loves All' to 'He Loves Two'