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20 Dec 05 · · It's not for nothing the Baaaaaby Animals community is called the Pyramid Scheme of Cuteness. (added to fluff)

19 Dec 05 · · "The bright nut casts his torch flames" by A.E. House Man. (new in words of one beat)

18 Dec 05 · · At Buck House by A.A. Milne. (new in words of one beat)

17 Dec 05 · · The Big Man at the Bat by E.L. Thayes. (new in words of one beat)

16 Dec 05 · · Not that PandaFix has anything on Cute Overload. Awww. (added to fluff)

15 Dec 05 · · Back to words of one beat, a verse by Kit R. Lowe. (new in words of one beat)

14 Dec 05 · · I know what you're thinking -- you're wondering where to go for your daily fix of panda cuteness and news. The answer, of course, is PandaFix. (added to fluff)

12 Dec 05 · · Taking a break from words of one beat, a modern herbal. (added to science)

11 Dec 05 · · Three works done by Kip W. in words of one beat, by Walt de la Mare and two Not Known, one of which is two forms of Hushed is This Night. (new in words of one beat)

10 Dec 05 · · Verse in good words by Don Just, Phil Lark, and Dyle Thoms. In which we try for a more our-times sort of feel. (new in words of one beat)

9 Dec 05 · · Verse by John Milt, Will Blake, Lord B., Liz More-Than-A-Priest, and not known join us. (new in words of one beat)

8 Dec 05 · · Today, it's one, two, three by Will the Bard, done in good words. (new in words of one beat)

7 Dec 05 · · Just two this time, by P. Bysshe Shells and Bob Frost. More to come. (new in words of one beat)

6 Dec 05 · · Still more words of one beat, this time from Will Blake, John Keats, and E. Pound. Why yes, we have been playing it a lot. Why do you ask? (new in words of one beat)

5 Dec 05 · · More in the One Beat Book of Verse, from John Donne, Will Who Cowps, Tom Who's Hard, and P. Kate Marm (in a work in good words from the start). (new in words of one beat)

4 Dec 05 · · More new stuff in the One Beat Book of Verse, from Will the Bard, Rob Frost, W.H.A., and Mike Ford, all done by guests. Check 'em out, and too the L.J. (new in words of one beat)

3 Dec 05 · · T.N.H. gives us a bit of Keats with "When I have fears that I may cease to be." (added to words of one beat)

2 Dec 05 · · P.N.H. gives us a bit of Donne with "At the round Earth's made-up sharp bits." (added to words of one beat)

30 Nov 05 · · A free physics textbook. Because it's free. (added to science)

11 Nov 05 · · Random music. Occasionally pleasant. (added to fluff)

31 Oct 05 · · Literature Map diagrams who's similar to whom. "If you like X, you may like Y and Z," only graphically. (added to fluff)

26 Oct 05 · · DaFont is notable for having a Jane Austen handwriting typeface for download. Dude. (added to type)

24 Oct 05 · · Making music in ancient Rome. (added to fluff)

23 Oct 05 · · One more Latinate bit: a directory of free Latin textbooks. (added to fluff)

22 Oct 05 · · Speaking of Latin, here's some resources for Wheelock's Latin Grammar. (added to fluff)

21 Oct 05 · · A primer on how to write Latin poetry. Because we all need at least one frivolous skill to be considered truly civilized. (added to fluff)

18 Oct 05 · · Despite the silly name, Dr Goodword's word of the day is, well, actually pretty good. And that's pretty good enough for me. (added to fluff)

13 Oct 05 · · O'Higgins Station in Antarctica has set up a webcam overlooking a Gentoo penguin hatching ground, to watch the little waddlers breed. (added to fluff)

8 Oct 05 · · Find any radio station online with Radio-Locator. (added to fluff)

27 Sep 05 · · My attempt to resume updates has been frustrated by the crash of the hard drive with my unsorted links, and me without a backup. Sigh.

Still, there is this additional source of random poems. (added to fluff)

14 Sep 05 · · A new and better way to search for your birthday, or any other number, in pi — now with 3.2 billion digits to choose from! (added to science)

12 Sep 05 · · Games That Don't Suck, where free is a key requirement for Not Sucky. (added to fluff)

11 Sep 05 · · Another source for processed GOES weather images. (added to weather)

10 Sep 05 · · "Blippity Fling-Flang is the new Lorum Ipsum." (added to fluff)

9 Sep 05 · · 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01101001 01111010 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110100 00100001. (added to 01100110 01101100 01110101 01100110 01100110)

8 Sep 05 · · Speaking of tasty vocabulary stretchers, there's this large list of obscure words to dig through. Yum. (added to fluff)

7 Sep 05 · · I'm now syndicating my pretty good word of the day through LiveJournal. Previously, it was only available on a subscription service. (added to fluff)

16 Jul 05 · · Random corpspeak is just as disturbingly painful as the real thing. (added to fluff)

13 Jul 05 · · Somewhat to my surprise, I actually kinda like Pibgorn. (added to fluff)

21 Jun 05 · · This Online Etymological Dictionary is spiff. (added to research)

13 Jun 05 · · And a link to an excerpt and other information about my story in Say.... (added to verse)

11 Jun 05 · · Have you ever wanted to own a crystal map of our nearest stellar neighbors? Now you can. (added to science)

9 Jun 05 · · The Insult Monger gives us, as you might expect, random insults, including a flame generator. (added to fluff)

5 Jun 05 · · FireLine has reports on all U.S. wildfires. Only they call them "incident management situation reports," so you know they're official and all. (added to weather)

4 Jun 05 · · More wikistuff: random picture. (added to fluff)

3 Jun 05 · · Now that the issue with my story is out, a link for how to order Say... have you heard this one?. (added to verse)

19 May 05 · · Always check the wildfire alerts before heading into the forests--especially in the American west. (added to outside)

16 May 05 · · For American liberals: if you're worried about who your dollars support after you've spent them, you may want to consult Buy Blue first. (added to politics)

15 May 05 · ·
is poem
is random,
and is maybe a poem.
(added to fluff)

14 mA 05 · · Turn yor txt 2 txt msg spellings w yor bare h&z! (+D 2 fluff)

13 May 05 · · The indie!hipster jokes in Questionable Content pretty much go over my head, but I like the soap opera that happens around that stuff. (added to fluff)

12 May 05 · · Bunny is hip, off-kilter, sometimes surreal, and very funny. It helps to start at the beginning of the archive, as some motifs are developed into in-jokes. (added to fluff)

11 May 05 · · The NWS forecast discussion for Tucson. We are parochial, we are. (added to weather)

10 May 05 · · Abandonia: like Old Version, only for games. (added to research)

9 May 05 · · They've released the contents of the 2005 Rhysling Anthology, and lo and behold, "Her First Affair" is still included. I be a ballot finalist. (added to verse)

3 May 05 · · A random bit of Engrish in the night. (added to fluff)

1 May 05 · · For when you need to write a complaint letter but don't have the time to find the right phases yourself. (added to fluff)

30 Apr 05 · · Tired of filling your layouts with boring old lorem ipsum? Try this random text block generator instead. (added to fluff)

26 Apr 05 · · NASA's clearinghouse for pictures taken by astronauts. (added to science)

24 Apr 05 · · Good Fonts has a collection of 300 essential fonts for designers—all true type, all free. (added to type)

22 Apr 05 · · Convert text to machine-readable binary. It's your business why. (added to fluff)

21 Mar 05 · · Go Fug Yourself: mocking the sartorial lapses of celebrity since, well, a little while now. (added to fluff)

14 Mar 05 · · No, no new links yet—been busy. But I have updated my shameless self promotion with current info, including a mention that "Her First Affair" is a finalist for the Rhysling Award. (added to verse)

22 Feb 05 · · The Comics Curmudgeon reads the comics, so you don't have to. (added to fluff)

21 Feb 05 · · Copper is an excellent online comic. I just wish it updated more often than once a month, and more regularly. (added to fluff)

12 Feb 05 · · Nevada State Parks have sere beauty and occasional camping. (added to outside)

9 Feb 05 · · GoogleMaps. Yeah, I know, still beta. But, still—Google maps. Google maps. (added to research)

8 Feb 05 · · Yet another web magnetic poetry kit. So, like, you can pretend your browser is your fridge. (added to fluff)

2 Feb 05 · · Indie artists are available from CD Baby, baby. (added to fluff)

22 Jan 05 · · A clickable image-map of all known nucleotides. I love the Web. (added to research)

21 Jan 05 · · Any phase of the moon, any time. (added to research)

20 Jan 05 · · Origami USA also now has a searchable model archive. Or maybe they had one for a while, and I just never found it in their old site design. (added to origami)

19 Jan 05 · · Plep. Which only sounds like a household product of the 1950's. "Try PlepTM for more pep!" (added to fluff)

18 Jan 05 · · Doodle is an open-source model diagramming language and package. (added to origami)

13 Jan 05 · · ORB is the On-line Reference Book for medieval studies. (added to research)

11 Jan 05 · · The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance have thousands of balanced, informative articles on many religions. (added to research)

10 Jan 05 · · SongMeanings has reader-contributed annotations on, well, the meanings of popular songs. (added to research)

3 Jan 05 · · The (or at least a) paper airplane flight simulator. I should say something clever, but I'm just speechless at the uselessness. (added to origami)

2 Jan 05 · · Pages on pi. I like pi. (added to research)

1 Jan 05 · · Just in time for the new year, it's a random species server. Woo hoo! (added to fluff)

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